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Swegon introduces the new "Room unit design". In the program, it is possible to simulate various products for the room you choose. Read more about the "Room unit design" program and try it yourself HERE

Room Unit Design is a web-based product selection program and simulation tool for room units. Calculates, simulates and helps to find the room units that are most suitable in a project according to specified values and configuration options. Start the program and perform basic or advanced calculations straight away. 

1.1. Fig. Program interface

1. General 

“Room unit design” is a web-based"Swegon" product selection program and simulation tool for room units that supports most web browsers, although Chrome or Microsoft Edge are recommended.​

More products
Fill in the values for room type and room size. Find and enter one or more different products and product types in the same room. Obtain simulations and advice to help you find the most suitable products for the project and the room.​

​3D isovel view and calculations
The 3D view presents isovels and, depending on what has been highlighted, calculations can be seen and performed for effects, pressure drops, flows, sound levels and CO2 content for the entire room or a single product.

Product selector
Find the right product and solution for your project with the aid of the “Product selector” or “Catalogue search”. Which you choose depends on your requirements and prior knowledge.​

CAD export​
Export products from Room Unit Design to various CAD formats, and then implement these in your own CAD drawings.

2. More rooms
Create and calculate more rooms in the same project. Then keep your projects and rooms in order easily using the program’s file tree. By sorting the rooms into folders by building, for example, with subfolders for floors or zones, different building structures can be copied and calculations kept apart.

1.2.Fig. Program interface

3. Settings 
Select first whether the settings are to apply to the room or to an individual product. Then fill in and make the selections on which the results will be based.

Settings for the room
Dimensions, ceiling height, room type and number of people can be set for the room. It is also possible to set room temperature and type of suspended ceiling, where applicable. 

Settings for a product
For the single product, it is possible, for example, to set supply air temperature, water temperature, pressure drop and air distribution. It is also possible to configure the product and select size, dimensions and connection side.

3D view
See how the air flows from the products move in the room in the 3D view. This view also provides a clear picture of what happens when air jets collide with each other or with a wall, for example. Twist and turn the room in order to see it from different angles; Show or hide isovels; Visualise different air speeds; Set the occupied zone. 

           1.3. Fig. 3-D view.

4. Calculation results
The calculation results can be displayed either for the entire room as a unit or for each single product. Heating and cooling are presented in two columns side-by-side. For products with a large amount of result data, it is possible to expand the view using the “Show advanced result" button, where the full results with all the calculations are presented.

1.4. Fig. Calculation results.

5. Export

Using the “Export” button, it is possible to obtain calculation results in different formats. 

  • PDF export Generate a report of the calculations in PDF format and select between a short overview report containing summarised room information or a more detailed report that is a full export of the entire calculation.
  • CAD export It is also possible to export products and content information from Room Unit Design to a .dxf file.

When using a Swegon CAD plugin, it is possible to transfer 3D content and calculation data

  • Plugin for Revit without MagiCAD
  • Plugin for Revit with MagiCAD
  • Plugin for AutoCAD without MagiCAD

6. Log in
There is no requirement to log in to use Room Unit Design. Just click on the link to the right or further up the page to launch the program, and you can start performing calculations straight away. To be able to save or share a calculation, you need to log in and, consequently, to have a valid user account. A user account can be created by filling in and registering a new user via the link to the right or within the program. The user account is created automatically when the form has been sent, and it is possible to log in directly and save your projects.

1. Create user account

2. Start Room Unit Design without login

Published: 24.11.2022