Chillers and heat pumps

TETRIS W is a complete range of highly energy efficient refrigerators and water-water heat pumps.

  • High efficiency unit
  • The widest power range
  • Six different versions to suit the requirements of the system
  • Hydraulic modules also integrated with buffer tank
  • Three types of pumps: standard, oversize and for high percentages of glycol (up to 50% e.g.)
  • Suitable for geothermal applications
  • Integrated SMARTlink technology

TETRIS W: High efficiency chiller
TETRIS W /OH: High efficiency non-reversible heat pump
TETRIS W /HPW: High efficiency heat pump, reversible on water side
TETRIS W /HP: High efficiency heat pump, reversible on refrigerator side
TETRIS W /LC: Motoevaporating unit
TETRIS W /LC HP: Reversible motoevaporating unit

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